Maschoff Design Engineering Inc

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MDE provides control system products designed for the networked factory. We solve all your control problems with...

...customizable control products for the factory floor...

  • 1 to 24 Control Loops and Setpoint Programming
  • Sensor Monitoring and Alarming
  • Logic Processing
  • OEM custom products available at a suprisingly affordable price
  • Proven technology used around the world

...networked together with SuperView, our desktop application...

  • Network controllers together with Ethernet or serial
  • Easily build control recipes with spreadsheet type editor
  • Log Data and view Graphs
  • Works great with 3400 and Micristar products

...and remotely managed with NetView, our real-time AJAX browser interface.

  • Use any browser for remote, secure, encrypted viewing/changing of controller data and configuration
  • Easy setup. No special software required for remote PC
  • Better than off-the-shelf solutions (eg.pcAnywhere). Multiple simultaneous users